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Why Did You Choose Your Major?

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Choosing a major is a major decision. Your major can determine your career path, your earning potential, and your overall level of satisfaction with your work. In an interview, you may be asked why you chose your major. This question is an opportunity to showcase your passion, your skills, and your motivation for pursuing your field of study. In this post, we’ll explore some tips for answering this question effectively.

1. Share Your Story

Start by sharing your personal story about how you became interested in your major. This could be a childhood experience, a class you took in high school, or a mentor who inspired you. By sharing your story, you can demonstrate your passion and your commitment to your field of study.

2. Highlight Your Strengths

Explain how your major aligns with your strengths and skills. For example, if you’re majoring in computer science, you might mention that you’ve always been interested in problem-solving and logic puzzles. If you’re majoring in psychology, you might mention that you’re a good listener and enjoy helping others. By highlighting your strengths, you can show how your major is a natural fit for your abilities.

3. Show Your Career Goals

Discuss your career goals and how your major will help you achieve them. For example, if you’re majoring in business, you might mention that you want to eventually start your own company. If you’re majoring in nursing, you might mention that you want to work in a hospital or clinic. By showing your career goals, you can demonstrate your motivation and your focus.

4. Mention Your Research

Show that you’ve done your research about your major. Mention specific classes or professors that have interested you. Talk about any internships or research projects you’ve done in your field. By demonstrating your knowledge and your experience, you can show that you’re serious about your major.

5. Emphasize Your Passion

Finally, emphasize your passion for your major. Explain what excites you about your field of study and why you enjoy learning about it. By showing your enthusiasm, you can demonstrate that you’re committed to your major and that you’re eager to learn more.


When answering the question, “Why did you choose your major?”, it’s important to showcase your personal story, your strengths, your career goals, your research, and your passion. By doing so, you can demonstrate your motivation and your commitment to your field of study.


Q: What if I’m not sure why I chose my major?

A: It’s okay to not have a clear answer to this question. You can talk about some of the factors that influenced your decision, such as your interests, your skills, or your career goals. You can also mention that you’re still exploring your major and learning more about it.

Q: What if my major is not directly related to the job I’m applying for?

A: Even if your major is not directly related to the job you’re applying for, you can still highlight the transferable skills and knowledge you gained from your major. For example, if you majored in English but you’re applying for a marketing job, you can mention that your major taught you how to write persuasively and communicate effectively.

Q: Should I mention any challenges I faced in my major?

A: It’s okay to mention any challenges you faced in your major, as long as you frame them in a positive light. For example, you could talk about how a difficult class taught you perseverance and problem-solving skills.

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