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24 Babysitting Qualifications (Which Ones Do You Need?) Babysitting

Are you interested in becoming a babysitter? Babysitting is a great way to earn money, gain valuable experience, and show responsibility. However, finding babysitting jobs can be competitive. Here are some tips to help you secure a babysitting job.

1. Get Certified in CPR and First Aid

Parents want to know that their children are in safe hands. By getting certified in CPR and First Aid, you can show parents that you are prepared to handle emergency situations that may arise while caring for their children. Look for classes offered by the American Red Cross or local hospitals.

2. Build Your Experience

Parents want to hire babysitters who have experience working with children. If you don’t have any experience, look for opportunities to volunteer at a local daycare or children’s program. You can also offer to babysit for friends or family members to build your experience.

3. Create a Resume and References List

Creating a professional resume and references list can help you stand out from other babysitters. Include your experience, certifications, and any special skills such as fluency in a foreign language or musical ability. Ask previous clients or supervisors for references and include their contact information.

4. Use Online Platforms

There are many online platforms that connect babysitters with families. Create a profile on websites such as, Sittercity, or UrbanSitter. These platforms are a great way to showcase your experience and availability to potential clients.

5. Network

Networking is a great way to find babysitting jobs. Let your family, friends, and neighbors know that you are available to babysit. You can also reach out to local parenting groups, schools, or community organizations to offer your services.

6. Be Professional

When you meet with potential clients, be professional and prepared. Dress appropriately, bring your resume and references list, and be ready to answer questions about your experience and qualifications. Show enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with their children.

7. Negotiate Your Rate

Before accepting a job, make sure to negotiate your rate. Research the going rate for babysitters in your area and be prepared to discuss your rate with potential clients. Remember that your rate may vary depending on the number of children you are caring for and any additional responsibilities such as cooking or cleaning.

8. Build Trust with the Family

Building trust with the family is essential to securing repeat babysitting jobs. Show up on time, follow their rules and routines, and communicate regularly with the family about how their children are doing. Respond promptly to their calls or messages and be flexible with your availability.

9. Keep Your Skills Up-to-Date

Keep your skills up-to-date by attending workshops or training programs that focus on child development, behavior management, or other relevant topics. This will show families that you are committed to providing the best care for their children.

10. Get Feedback

After each job, ask the family for feedback. This will give you valuable insights into what you did well and what you can improve on. Use this feedback to improve your skills and build your reputation as a reliable and responsible babysitter.


Securing a babysitting job requires effort, patience, and professionalism. By following these tips, you can build your experience, showcase your qualifications, and build trust with families. Remember to keep your skills up-to-date and ask for feedback to improve your performance.


What skills do I need to become a babysitter?

Some of the essential skills for babysitters include communication, problem-solving, patience, creativity, and responsibility. You should also be comfortable working with children of different ages and backgrounds.

How much should I charge as a babysitter?

The rate for babysitters varies depending on the location, number of children, and additional responsibilities such as cooking or cleaning. Research the going rate in your area and be prepared to negotiate with potential clients.

What certifications do I need to become a babysitter?

Getting certified in CPR and First Aid is highly recommended for babysitters. You can also consider getting certified in other areas such as child development, behavior management, or nutrition.

How can I build my experience as a babysitter?

You can build your experience by volunteering at a local daycare or children’s program, offering to babysit for friends or family members, or creating a profile on online platforms that connect babysitters with families.

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